Nearby Places worth Visiting

Shree Jee Baba College of Law is situated in the heart of Braj. Braj is traditionally known as the pastime place of LordKrishna. As mentioned in SkandaPurana, it may be possible to count the grains of sand on the earth, but it will not be possible to count the number of holy places in Braj. There are several religious destinations near the college. Braj is spread in 84 kos(252 KM). In this area, there are number of Vanas (Forests), Upvanas (Gardens), Kunds (Tanks),villages and towns namely Nand-Goan, Barsana, Govardhan, Vrindavan, Mathura etc.

Vrindavan(20 Km away from college)

Vrindavan, the land of Radharani and the city of temples (mandirs), has more than 5000 temples to showcase the pastimes of Radha and Krishna

Barsana (20 Km away from college)

Barsana Gram also called Vrishabhanupur, is the eternal playground of ShriVrindavaneshwari, the Supreme Reservoir of Compassion—ShrimatiRadharani. Barsana is such an enchanting land that just by seeing and experiencing the divine landscape of Barsana one’s heart and mind is naturally transported to the realm of devotion.

Nand-Gaon(30 Km away from college)

Nandgaon is a religious centre in Brajregion. Lord Krishna resided here for more than nine years with Yashoda, Nand Baba and DauBalaram.

Gokul(37 Km away from college)

The town where Shri Krishna grew up, is situated on the banks of River Yamuna, it is about 25 km away from Vrindavan. It is the place where Shri Krishna went to play with his cow herd friends.

Mathura(28Km away from college)

Mathura, the birth place of Lord Krishna, is located in the west of the river Yamuna. Mathura, the place of Krishna devotees, houses a number of temples, ghatsand ancient Kunds, which depict various lilas of Lord Krishna's life. The main attractions are Krishnajanmabhoomi, Dwarikadheesh Temple, Vishram Ghat (Mathura's main ghat), KansTila, Bhooteshwar Mahadev Mandir etc.

Agra(82Km away from college)

Agra is Located on the banks of the river Yamuna in Uttar Pradesh, Agra is a popular tourist destination as it is home to one of the 7 wonders of the world, the TajMahal. It is a sneak peek into the architectural history and legacy of the Mughal empire with two other UNESCO World Heritage Sites Agra Fort and FatehpurSikri.